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I provide exterior and interior photography for:


  • Architects

  • Commercial property firms

  • Interior designers

  • Construction firms

  • Private business owners

  • High end property sales and lettings agencies


I also provide aerial / drone photography and videography in Leeds and throughout northern England. Using a drone creates a unique perspective on any given property, whether office, residential, industrial, retail & leisure, educational, or agricultural. We can experience the building from above, as vehicles and people move through the scene. We can fly past the upper floors, seeing interior spaces unfold before us. We can scale its heights and show the wider context of its location. We can watch the sun drop below the horizon and see the city lights twinkle, with our subject building front and centre. 

I’m a fully insured, CAA licensed drone operator, providing professional drone video and photography for the following:


•    Architects 

•    High-end property sales/lettings

•    Construction sites

•    Building owners

•    Land owners

•    Building / roof inspections


I use a small but powerful drone – legal to fly in built up areas to get close to subject buildings, and the technical capability to deliver high quality video and stills – capable of filming 4K 60fps footage and capturing up to 48MP stills. 


Typically I work in or around the following cities:


  • Leeds

  • Harrogate

  • York

  • Manchester

  • Sheffield

  • Bradford. 



Head on over to my sister company, Pie & Mash Design for design and branding requirements. We can provide branding for buildings, pitch design, brochure design, hoarding design, signage design, print & delivery and much more. Check out the link below.

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